Top 3 Services to Edit PDF Metadata


PDF metadata refers to data regarding a PDF file. This has all the extra details related to your file, and the information is not limited. This kind of metadata has various types of information, such as title, name of author, copyright information, applications used for file creation and more.

You have to open file properties and go to description to be able to see as well as edit PDF metadata. This is where you can find all the relevant information related to your PDF file.

Then, you can begin working with the same. But what software or services should you choose? Fortunately, there are quite a few amazing tools that can be very useful for you in editing metadata easily and effectively. Know about the top3 services to edit PDF metadata.

In the last few years, has witnessed a huge rise in its popularity and that is understandable. This is a major tool available for effective management of PDF files.

You need to check this tool out in case you want to edit PDF files and easily take care of your work. This one comes with a dedicated functionality, which lets you edit the metadata of PDF files easily.

Once you edit this data, you can immediately save the same with the aid of the tool. Thus, it is highly recommended to anybody who wants to go ahead with PDF file editing. It has a fast and user-friendly interface, which lets you edit and save metadata quickly. 

Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor

This is another popular tool that can be found online for editing PDF file metadata. Many people like to use it, office users as well as others. This one works online but can also be used as an offline tool.

You may download this editor to your PC and get it installed into your system before being able to use it. All the PDF file metadata that you can view can be edited with ease with the kind of assistance and support that this program comes with.

You may also use this editor to replace the PDF file keywords. Subject, producer, name, title – basically you can modify any data with this program, which boasts of a convenient interface.


This one is not an online service. However, you can download the program to your own proceed and go ahead with PDF tool metadata editing.

This program comes with outstanding features for the management of PDF metadata. You can also take full control of the PDF file metadata and manage the same with the aid of this useful tool.

If you are okay with downloading a tool for editing PDF metadata, this can be a good one to use. This one has an easy interface that is friendly to use, and can provide you with an excellent experience.

The metadata information about any PDF file can be changed easily with this program, without a problem. There is no need for you to be technically proficient to be able to use this. 


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