Dog Treats – Differentiating Healthy from The Unhealthy Ingredients


Just like us humans, our pets love some encouragement in the form of a treat. When they behave well or listen to their owners, there is no better way of showing them your appreciation than by using a dog treat. There is no doubt they love a tasty something and one of the best ways to incorporate it into their daily activities is by using it as a training aid. Here you can find some ways to train them with it.

This shows that what they have done is good and they can continue to do the same if they want more. Many dog owners don’t realize the importance of giving them these and also how essential it is to give them the best types. 

But with so many different options available to us in pet stores, how do you go about choosing the right one? not every canine is the same and some may or may not like what you have to offer. 

The guide below can help you out to choose the perfect one and keep you and your pet happy and healthy at the same time.

The Different Types of Dog Treats on The Market

It is no surprise that the overwhelming choice of these goodies in pet stores can make anyone’s head spin. From the simplest of forms to those that can help them with dental problems, aid in their nutritional needs and more, treats are a snack that should be given to them similar to how we have cookies or chocolates every once in a while. 

They are part of the ‘reward’ category of foods and should be replaced with a meal but rather to spoil them ever so often. When choosing which one to buy, the more you know about them the closer you get to the perfect decision.

The idea, though, is to buy something natural and organic, as many dog foods have a lot of hidden and harmful ingredients in them that will worsen their health over time if you are not careful.

The below list of ingredients list includes some of the items that you should avoid:


As part of the preservatives included in dog foods and treats, BHA/BHT is a chemical that has been banned in some countries mainly because it is unsafe for animals. Countries such as Canada, the USA and Europe allow minimal amounts of it however not every manufacturer abides by this law. 

In humans, this chemical has been linked to certain types of cancers and hyperactivity in children. In pets, it is also harmful to them in large quantities.

White Flour

Excessive consumption of products with white flour as a primary ingredient can cause obesity. It has also been linked to dropping blood sugar levels, which means you get hungry sooner and, in most cases when added to foods, is stripped off all of its nutrients. This means when your dog eats his food, or treat, he gets hungry sooner and reaches for his food.


MSG or monosodium glutamate is something that has been an issue for decades and is still an ongoing issue in many food producers’ products. As a popular flavour enhancer, MSG has been deemed unnecessary in both pet and human items.

Things to look out for that belong to this group include protein isolate, autolyzed yeast, glutamate or glutanic acid, hydrolyzed yeast, sodium caseinate, disodium inosinate or guaylate and hydrolyzed protein, to name a few. These are all other names for it. Further information on this can be found here: 

Meat Meal

Normally meat and meat meals should be healthy for your furry friend. However, some manufacturers add other ingredients that are considered ‘meat’ but aren’t good for them. Some companies treat this notion as a dump yard for adding anything into their foods and add things such as dead animals, expired meats from diseased animals and more.

These are also highly processed and would be the same as giving them cardboard to eat. The mixture of various concoctions renders animals unhealthy and makes them sick in the long run. If there are any questionable things on the list of additives, you should be aware.  It will hinder their digestion as well.

Dog Food Image

What Should You Be Buying Instead?

Now that you know of just a few of the things to look out for and avoid, let’s see what you can buy for them under the range of healthy dog treats and not feel guilty about it. Dog treats come in various categories, you can get them:

  • Chewy one – both hard and soft
  • CBD treats
  • Dehydrated varieties
  • Bones/rawhide
  • Dental chews

These are some of the more common ones you can find in pet stores.

CBD Infused Treats

Out of all of the above, these are possibly some of the best ones you can find because not only are they tasty but they are highly beneficial for your four-legged companion. They help to promote the health and wellness of dogs and can also support their body and mind too. 

Always go for those that are delicious, healthy and beneficial for them, as opposed to ones that are stuffed with junk and do more harm than good. Also, buy from a reputable source that has all their ingredients labelled out clearly for its buyers. 

In conjunction with a healthy balanced diet, treats can help to add some essential nutrients and will keep them happy, as well as avoid any health conditions that are common with eating things that are not meant for them in the first place.


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