Top 7 Best Animated Movies to Watch Online


3D animation techniques have made it possible to develop animated movies a lot faster than before. The animations look natural, and the stories are amazing. Voice artists do a great job portraying the emotions in every scene and can make even grown men cry. Animated movies are not just for kids as they touch on adult topics as well. The depth of emotions in some movies is something adults can relate to.

If you are an animated movie enthusiast, you will agree that they are totally worth anyone’s time. I watched so many of them during lockdown with Spectrum TV packages. The movies will take you on an unexpected journey of laughter, love, and adventure. Here are the best animated movies that will make you fall in love with the characters:  

#1: Klaus

Klaus is the perfect movie to watch with your kids on Netflix. It is a great holiday season movie, and you can watch it multiple times over and still not get bored. Klaus is about a mailman that gets a bizarre posting on a remote island. Initially, all he wants to do is go back home. The town slowly grows upon him when he finds an old toymaker named Klaus.

The story takes obvious inspiration from the myth of Santa Claus and his Christmas gift deliveries. The mailman takes letters from the town kids to Klaus, who makes them the toys they want. It is a beautiful and emotional movie that will touch the deepest pits of your heart.   

#2: How to Train your Dragon  

The movie is a timeless classic and full of adventure. It has two more later parts, but the first one has to be the best of the three. The Vikings are known for their strength and courage, but not all of them are the same. The story about a small Viking boy, Hiccup, breaks all the rules and stereotypes of brutal Viking strength.

When Hiccup comes of age, he must prove his bravery by overcoming a dragon. Here is where the movie takes a turn. The boy befriends a deadly dragon and what happens next is a tale you must see for yourself. The great animation takes us to the skies, over the oceans and mountains – on the back of a flying dragon.  

#3: Flavors of Youth  

The show on Netflix has three short stories that are totally different. The short stories are an emotional roller coaster of heartbreaks and reunions. The Japanese anime takes us to small towns and also to Tokyo, the metro city. The short stories depict Japanese culture aptly and are all about the food and traditions of Japan.

Three short stories follow the lives of young people in Japan. It is a story about their ambitions, lost friendships, love lives, and sense of loss. It is extremely heartfelt and will therefore have you laughing and crying with the emotions of it all.  

#4: Toy Story Trilogy   

No animated movie list can ever be complete without mentioning the Toy Story Trilogy. Woody the cowboy, Mr. And Mrs. Potato Head, and Buzz Lightyear are classic movie characters. The movies were a huge part of life for a lot of 90s kids. Toy Story is more than just a story of toys that come to life. It is reminiscent of what most of us went through growing up. It will remind you of your favorite toy in your childhood.

The story brings a lot of emotions together. It talks about attachment, friendship, love, sacrifice, and the very real feeling of growing up. Watch it again, and you will want to go back to being a kid again.   

#5: Tangled  

Taking inspiration from the old tale of Rapunzel, Tangled is a more modern take. Rapunzel still has the long golden hair, and the evil stepmother has her. While the story is the same, the animation is a lot better, and Rapunzel is a lot cuter. If you have children, this is the best movie you can watch with them. The older version may look dated now, and this is the same story with a new twist. 

The naïveté of the young Rapunzel is soon challenged, and she understands what is happening around her. The iconic scene has thousands of sky lanterns in the sky and a beautiful soundtrack. Disney really outdid itself with the wonderful animation and the classic storyline.  

#6: Ratatouille   

Ratatouille is a classic animated film that will attract people of all ages. It is about a rat who knows how to cook and is excellent at it. The rat hides in the hat of a chef and creates magic for food. The restaurant becomes famous, and a daunting food critic shows up. Will the rat impress the critic, or will it all go to waste? You have to watch this amazing and unique food story with your kids. It might remind you of your favorite home-cooked meal, but you can just order a pizza!  

#7: Howl’s Moving Castle  

The classic Japanese anime is available on Netflix and is always a hit with everyone. A witch curses a young woman and makes her a frail woman in one night. She now has to find Howl, who is the only one who can fix this mess. The only catch is that Howl is always on the move. The fascinating, moving castle hops from one place to the other. The enchanting movie has a lot of interesting characters that are unique in their own right. 


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