Guide in 5 steps: How to Flirt over Text with an Older Woman?


Texting with older women isn’t only exciting; it’s also the best way to seduce them. Today, we’ll explain why that’s a fact and list a simple guide that every guy can use to become more successful in getting dates with attractive older women.

Why It’s Better to Seek Older Women Online?

Since online dating became so popular, no one is wasting time in bars anymore. That’s understandable because meeting people online is less tricky than meeting singles anywhere else. Older women aren’t an exception to that rule. At least not on a niche platform for MILF dating created for younger men seeking mature hotties.

Seducing them there is easier because women join for the same reason as men. That takes the guessing away. Everybody can focus on having fun instead of figuring out if age could be a problem.

Flirting online lets younger men connect with more ladies at once, which leads to more dates. But there’s a hidden benefit of meeting MILFs online. Getting attention (and action) on chat boosts confidence.

That means singles become better at seduction with every flirty chat they engage in. Now, we’ll reveal how to be more successful while flirting with older women. The guide we’ll share is easy to follow, yet it brings results.

Use the Info They Share on Their Profiles

Younger men seeking mature women online don’t have to come up with chat topics out of the blue. Ladies share a lot of info on their profiles (the same as men should). If a woman you like mentions she likes horror movies in her profile description, use that wisely. Don’t pretend you share her interest. But if you do, bring up your list of must-see horror films.

It will give you something to chat about and keep the conversation alive. Squeezing flirty messages into texting won’t be a problem after bonding through texting about mutual interests. But, there’s something you should avoid at all costs.

Don’t Be too Direct (Gives You a Desperate Aura)

Yes, older women love when younger guys dare to be direct, but most guys take that too far. Experienced ladies have a sixth sense of desperation. They reject guys who treat them as sex workers. Some men think sending explicit photos after 5 minutes of texting raises their chances to score dates, but that’s not true. That’s a sign of desperation. You’d never meet a woman who thinks desperation is sexy.

Don’t Mention Their Age All the Time!

It’s one thing to say a lady looks younger than she actually is, but bringing that up every couple of texts is a big no-no. MILFs are aware of their looks and their age. They don’t need immature boys who can’t get over the age difference.

Texting with a guy who likes them just because they’re older isn’t what mature women want. Not even on hookup sites. Compliment them while flirting (not too often), but don’t focus on their age.

Don’t Pretend to Be More Mature Than You Are

But be careful. If you try too hard to forget the age difference between you and MILFs you’re texting with, you may fall into another trap. Pretending that you’re more mature than you actually are won’t get you dates with older women. They want someone younger because they want to feel young. They can have boring conversations and dates with guys their age.

There are more reasons why mature women pick younger partners. None of them are talking about politics and weather. Don’t be ashamed of your youth. That’s your ace in the sleeve while texting with hot older ladies.

Don’t Wait too Long Before Making a Move!

Lastly, don’t be afraid to say you’re ready to meet in person and prove you aren’t raising her expectations for nothing. Guys who wait for the perfect moment to make a move don’t get any dates with older ladies.

They become sexless chatting buddies. You don’t want to be one of them, right? So don’t wait forever; let women you like know your intentions to meet in person are serious. You’ll be surprised by the impact that small change will have.


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